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Big Dave Lockwood stands beneath the murmuring West Stand with a clipboard and a mic. What a day this is for the club he loves. The return of a hero, a legend. He looks up around the faces in the stand and feels a flush of nerves. What if he fluffs it? What if he stumbles on his words? All those people looking at him, disappointed.

No, he won’t let it happen. Not today. Not for this man. A true gent of football, one of the real good guys. Always smiling, always in good humour. A real bloody gent.

Big Dave nods his head approvingly. And a club legend to boot. What a day.

Here he comes now. Big Dave┬árehearses his introduction one more time in his head. And here he comes. The atmosphere is crackling, it’s electric – there’s lightning in the stands.

Garry Nelson, welcome home.

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